Alex & Andrew - Nashville Engagement

This engagement session with Alex and Andrew was so much fun. The couple was in Nashville to celebrate Andrew's birthday so we decided to meet up and do an engagement shoot before their wedding in May. I was super nervous about this shoot when it was bitterly cold and rainy all day the day before. I figured we would just wing it and see what happened. You know what happened? Perfect weather. We started shooting late in the afternoon and were blessed with amazing golden light for the whole shoot. I think the photos turned out wonderful and it certainly doesn't hurt that these two are super adorable.

I was so excited when Alex contacted me about doing her wedding photography. Alex is stylish and beautiful and I can't even imagine how amazing her and Andrew's wedding is going to be. I'm excited to be part of it! 

This next one is straight out of camera. I LOVE this lighting, especially on Alex's hair. I thought it was beautiful. 

Before we started shooting these two insisted that they would have no idea what to do in front of a camera and would need a lot of help. They truly had nothing to worry about - they were so adorable! Working with Alex and Andrew I could really tell that they are in love with each other and there's nothing better than capturing that.

Also, isn't Andrew's smile kind of amazing?

Alex told me that she wanted to take some engagement photos with ice cream because her and Andrew love ice cream and often go on ice cream dates. To this I said YES. Fun fact about me: I adore ice cream. I could easily live without all other dessert varieties but I must have my ice cream. The three of us are kindred spirits.

I ran into several poor people trying to cross the street while getting this shot. Sorry about that.