Rachael & Felipe - Louisville, KY Wedding

I'm so excited to share this wedding with all of you! Rachael and I go way back as photographer and subject. She's been a bridesmaid in THREE weddings I've photographed AND she was the reason I booked all of them. Rachael first recommended me to her friend Holly, who hired me to shoot her wedding back in 2011. A year later Rachael's sister Rebecca got married and hired me as her photographer. Then in 2014 her brother Alex got married, and of course, I was the photographer. I've been waiting for the day to actually photograph RACHAEL'S wedding for a long time now. I'm so glad it finally came! 

This wedding was so much fun to be a part of for so many reasons. I loved that I know the family well, since I've been at every family wedding. I loved that I know Rachael trusts me to do good work, since she's recommended me to all her friends and family. I loved how happy everyone was to be celebrating with Rachael and Felipe. There was so much love for the two of them!

The primary thing I love about being a photographer is telling stories. If you know me you know that I love to tell stories about ridiculous things that have happened to me. I love when one of my friends suggests to someone who hasn't heard a particular story, "Get her to tell you this one, it's such a good one." This is why some my favorite photos from a session are usually the candid ones. I originally intended to major in photojournalism, but got sidetracked somewhere and ended up with a degree in graphic design. Anyway, the point is that I love to tell a story. 

I feel like I have followed Rachael's story for a long time through her friends and family who have hired me. I've been documenting someone else's special moments, but she was always there weaving in and out of the story. Today she's the star of the story. Her and her amazing husband Felipe.

The wedding party stayed at the Seelbach Hilton hotel in downtown Louisville, which was a beautiful spot for photos. We did most of Rachael's bridal portraits in the hotel. She looked stunning!

Rachael and Felipe are adorable together. Like, want to punch them in the face they're so cute. I loved photographing them together because I could see how genuinely excited they were to be getting married and how much they love each other. Rachael and Felipe sort of met online. Rachael added Felipe on Facebook after believing she'd met him at a party where a bunch of his friends were present. Even though he wasn't actually at the party he accepted her friend request and started talking to her immediately. Lucky mistake! Thanks, Facebook. 

Rachael and Felipe's ceremony was beautiful and sweet and they couldn't keep their eyes off each other! I've thought all of the Wells children's wedding ceremonies were beautiful. I am reminded of one of my favorite moments from Rachael's older sister Rebecca's wedding. Rebecca and Louis wrote their own vows and Rebecca chose to read hers to him in Spanish, his first language. I loved that choice. Marriage is about compromise and sacrifice and trying to assist the other person before yourself. Rebecca put herself out there and expressed her love to Louis in a way that was most meaningful to him. I loved it.

These two looked so happy during their ceremony. I love it!

This photo is wonderful for so many reasons. The newlyweds were leaving the church to head to the reception. There was still snow on the ground from the crazy weather a few days before so Felipe offered to carry Rachael over a patch of slush so they could get to their car. Adorable, right? And the sun was setting and the light was perfect. Beautiful photo. 

Then he tripped and they both fell. 

Luckily, Felipe is a true gentleman and never actually let Rachael fall. She just sort of landed on top of him, still in his arms. No one was hurt, including the beautiful wedding dress, so we can all laugh about it. 

The reception was at the beautiful Starks Building, right across the street from the Seelbach Hotel. I loved all the gold details!

Look at these sweet grandmothers!

Everyone had such sweet things to say about Rachael and Felipe. It was so wonderful to be in a room full of people who genuinely love the two of them. People flew from all over the world, literally, to be with them on their wedding day. It was very sweet to see how many people care about them. 

These two...

I've never had so much fun at a wedding reception. There was great music and everyone was having so much fun. One of the great things about a wedding in which people flew from all over the world to be present - they're not about to cut out early! People stayed for hours dancing and having so much fun. I loved being part of such an amazing party! Thanks Rachael and Felipe for inviting me to share in these moments with you. I hope your wedding photos tell your story well!