Jessica & Alex - Savannah, TN Wedding

Back in June I was blessed to be with Jessica and Alex on their wedding day. Can you believe these two have been together for 12 years! That's amazing. Their wedding was so special and so much fun. I could tell how loved these two are by their friends and family. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was absolutely so much fun. Thank you Jessica and Alex for allowing me to share in your day!

Jessica was such a beautiful bride!

I'd never seen this before, but it's a GREAT idea. BUG SPRAY! I'm so, so thankful to the Seatons for supplying bug spray. As a person who has a real issue with mosquitoes it was great to be able to use provided bug spray and not leave with a thousand bites. Awesome idea. 

I have NO idea what is happening in this photo, but I thought it really captured a moment. So here it is. Someone please tell me what's going on here haha.