Kelli & Josh - Chattanooga, TN Wedding

Back in May I was blessed to be able to document this awesome couple's wedding day. Josh and Kelli are both such sweet people and it was great to be with them on their wedding! July 4th is a special day for the two of them, so I really tried to get this post done yesterday as a little gift to them. I tried but just couldn't make it happen! Here it is though, a day late, in honor of their (dating) anniversary. Happy Fourth of July and may you have many more together!


Josh didn't want to see Kelli before the ceremony, but Kelli always fixes Josh's hair because apparently it can be unruly. We thought it would be cute to get a photo of her fixing his hair, even though he still didn't see her. I thought it was pretty cute.

One of the bridesmaids doing a little pre ceremony nail polishing.

Above are the pennants that were hanging on the windows surrounding the entire sanctuary. I had never seen this idea and I thought it was so great! What a cool decoration idea!

Look how happy they are!

Since we were in Chattanooga we of course went to the famous bridge! What we didn't know is that Relay For Life was taking place that weekend and there were thousands of people on the bridge and in the park below for the event. The couple and I miscommunicated and they ended up parking on a different side of the bridge than I did and walked the entire length of the bridge to find me! Oops. It was nice though, because we had live music and an audience while we did our shoot!

I really prefer to do a first look and get all of the photos of the couple out of the way before the ceremony. However, a couple's wedding should be exactly what THEY want it to be, and these two didn't want to see each other before. Instead of cutting into their reception time, we met somewhere after the entire event was over. One really nice thing about doing it this way is that there's no schedule to worry about! The wedding is over, we can relax. I feel like this shoot with Kelli and Josh was so relaxed and flexible because they didn't have anything to worry about! And they were already married, so they were in a pretty good mood. :) 

THIS LIGHT THOUGH. Another great thing about doing photos after this particular wedding is that it was the PERFECT time of day. This is not always the case, but for these two we managed to time it perfectly. Check that light... 

As I said, we had live music. At one point these two broke out doing the Stanky Leg. So naturally, I grabbed a photo of it.