We Belong Together

It's always interesting to see how these couples I photograph end up together. Sometimes it's a story that just makes so much sense. They have always known each other, always been friends, started dating in college, now they are getting married. Sometimes it's way crazier than that! It's so incredible to me the way people end up together, in spite of every reason why they probably shouldn't have even met.

Kyle and I were the same way! Kyle, until THE DAY classes started was planning to attend a college in California. His friends were loading up the car to come to college in Tennessee and without having registered for classes, or even applied to the school, he jumped in the car and came with them. We went to school together for four years and never met. We dated other people and never even spoke until his very last semester when he saw me crying quietly in the back of class because I had just been dumped by my boyfriend. 

What if he'd stayed in California? What if his advisor hadn't messed up his schedule and put him in that class where he spotted me crying? What if my boyfriend and I had broken up on a different day of the week and some other guy from some other class had seen me crying?

I've had several couples I've worked with who their spouse was from a different country! It's so unlikely that these people would have found each other at the exact perfect moment - but they did and I'm so glad I was invited in to capture their story.

Today I'm thankful for all the little accidents that put us together.

This is me and Kyle.