There's a Lizard

Every wedding is different. They each have their own random, special moments. It might be grandma busting a crazy dance move at the reception. It might be a moment that happens during the toasts, or some accident that happens during the ceremony. I LIVE for those moments. They are what set each wedding apart and make them uniquely beautiful. 

For us it was the lizard. Half way through saying our vows I spotted a little green lizard snaking around Kyle's feet. I completely interrupted him and just said out of nowhere, "Hey, there's a lizard." We stopped everything, looked at the lizard, and busted out laughing. It took a minute for everyone to recover and for Mark (Kyle's dad) to continue with the ceremony. I don't know why I even said anything. I could have ignored the lizard - no one else had noticed. I just couldn't help myself though. I thought he was cute and thought about catching him to have as a pet - but I had a wedding ceremony to get back to.