Planning a Marriage

Unfortunately, it's happened again. I've learned recently about one more couple that I know who has decided to get a divorce. Lately it seems that all I hear is how marriages aren't working. Each week brings news of another crumbling relationship, another case of infidelity, another couple who just can't take it anymore. 

Wedding planning is exciting. Girls look forward to this stage of life all the way from childhood. It's a big deal! It's fun to sit with friends and decide what your colors will be and choose flowers to match. It's incredible to find THE dress and feel confident in how beautiful you'll be walking down the aisle. Cake testing - need I say more? 

Wedding planning is great, but marriage planning is essential. The day after your honeymoon after the cake is gone, the flowers have died, and the dress is put away never to be worn again, all you're left with is a marriage (and your photos). The wedding is ONE beautiful, fabulous day. The marriage is every day. The happy days, the sad days, the boring days, the cranky days, the stressful days, the super duper in love days, the WHY DID WE DO THIS days. We have to plan for the days beyond the wedding day. 

Here's my advice to all those amazing couples out there planning weddings. Plan a wedding! Plan a beautiful wedding. Plan your dream wedding with the perfect flowers, the tasty cake, and the dress that makes you feel like Kate Middleton. Plan a wedding that will knock people's socks off. And plan a marriage that's so beautiful it puts that wedding to shame.