Help Me Donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

I think we can all agree it's been a tough week. I've been deeply moved by recent events. I'm married to a man who is half black, which has opened my eyes to a lot of the racial injustice of the world that I was entirely unaware of in my little white bubble. This is such a painful time for the black community. I'm also a Dallas native, so the events in Dallas tore me apart. 

There's so much darkness in the world and at times it feels like there's no light, no peace, no good. In the midst of all this darkness it's easy to forget that there are amazingly good things happening all around us all the time. This week I was inspired to try and create a little bit of light.

My friend Kristina is running in the St. Jude half marathon and is raising money for this awesome cause. I think it's so amazing that St. Jude is committed to treating children free of charge. I can't imagine the pain of having a sick child and I'm so glad that people dealing with that don't also have the added burden of figuring out how to pay for it. In order to help her raise money for the race I'm dedicating 25% of my photography income for July sessions to her race fund. If you've been wanting some photos taken I'd love to do that for you and donate the proceeds to this cause. If you don't need photos, but just want to be awesome you can donate directly to Kristina here

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