How to Have an Amazing Engagement Session

I always get asked certain questions leading up to an engagement session so I wanted to take some time to address those questions here! Hopefully these things will help my brides feel confident going in to their sessions! Ok. Here it is. My version of how to have an amazing engagement session. 

What do I wear for my engagement session? How many outfits do I need?

This is the most commonly asked question I get from my brides before a session. Here are some things I like to keep in mind. 

Most of my engagement sessions are 90 minutes long. This provides for two or three wardrobe changes. I like to tell my clients to have one more formal outfit and one or two more casual outfits - all of which should represent your style. Changing clothes creates more diversity in your images and helps you get the most out of your session for the best images possible.

A perfect example is a shoot I did with Savannah and Mason. They wore three different outfits and this helped their images have a more diverse feel. It almost seems like three completely different sessions, which makes it seem like we shot more than we actually did. Get the most for your money and time!

Are patterns ok?

Patterns are great! However, there are some rules to follow.

FIRST: Please don't both wear a pattern. It's not always a terrible idea, but I say each outfit should have one major pattern between the two of you. If the girl is wearing a polka dot dress, maybe the guy wears a solid colored button down. If the guy is wearing a plaid shirt, maybe the girl wears a solid color dress that matches one of the minor colors in the plaid.

SECOND: Go big or go home. Your pattern, weather it's stripes or dots or plaid needs to be on the larger side. Itty bitty tiny patterns tend to cause weird distortion in photos. Avoid things with really thin pinstripes or a very, very small checkers. Just trust me.

In the example below Ethan wore a pattern, but Whitney kept it simple. The pattern was large enough to register in camera. Perfect.

Same her with Kerry and Jose. Jose wore a pattern, and Kerry's outfit complimented it perfectly.

Most importantly - be comfortable.

This should be obvious, but if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing you aren't going to LOOK comfortable. Don't wear something that is too tight, or bulges in a weird place when you sit. Get clothes that feel good and look good. You should be confident and feeling great about how you look.

Should I bring anything?

You don't have to bring anything, but if you want to that's great! I suggest setting a scene for you to interact with rather than using individual props like signs or chalk boards.

What I love about doing this is that the couple has something to interact with. Natural interaction between the two of you becomes effortless because you've given yourself a space to interact with as well. I will still direct you on what to do, but sometimes having a scene helps a couple feel more natural and relaxed. This also helps personalize your photos and make them perfect for the two of you. 

One of my favorite sessions like this was with April and Michael a few years back. This is also a perfect example of what to wear. They looked adorable. 

Jackson, TN Engagement Photographer
Or, you can highlight a hobby!

Hannah and Brandyn brought something to their engagement session that they both love. BOOKS! Hannah and Brandyn are intense readers (which I love because now I live down the street from them and borrow their books all the time). As a couple this is something they do together and love about each other. It made their engagement session more personal to add their shared hobby into the mix.

Can we go somewhere?

Absolutely! If you love to do something together, LET'S GO DO IT! Let's take photos at a coffee shop or your favorite bakery. I've taken photos at the library. Let's do what you two love to do.

Like go get ice cream.

Or coffee.

Or we can just jump in the lake.

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