Hiking Hoyt

Rachel and Josh have an amazing love story and so much of their story includes camping and nature. I absolutely had to include this in their engagement shoot!

Rachel and Josh met at camp many years ago, but were both dating other people. After graduating college Rachel decided to thru hike the Appalachian Trail with a friend. During the year of planning before she left for the trail she was reunited with Josh and they started dating. Josh, knowing that Rachel would be away from home for six months to hike the trail, was nothing but supportive. He helped her plan for the trip including writing sweet notes for her to read throughout her travels. He flew in to meet her along the trail and they ended up staying at an adorable bed and breakfast.

After six months of hiking the AT, Rachel came home to Josh. Within the month he proposed - while they were out hiking together on a nature trail. 

For this session I made a cute pop up tent for the couple to lounge in during our session. We found a pine tree farm and set up camp. Our little handmade tent was set up on a quilt that belongs to Rachel's grandmother. The two of them laughed and cuddled the entire time. 

In less than a month Rachel and Josh are getting married this summer at the very same bed and breakfast they stayed in along the Appalachian Trial.