Lauren & Brandon - Nashville Engagement

Meet Lauren and Brandon.

My first real interaction with Lauren and Brandon was at a wedding I shot last year at Crown Winery in Humboldt, TN. Lauren was a bridesmaid and Brandon was a faithful assistant throughout the setting up process. I remember showing Lauren how disgusting (really... DISGUSTING) my feet were after shooting a wedding all day. I probably should have tried to leave a better impression than showing my dirty feet to someone, but I guess it worked! I was so happy that Lauren contacted me when she and Brandon got engaged! I'm excited for their wedding in November.

This engagement session in Nashville was so much fun. Lauren told me they weren't really "field of flowers" kind of people and they were looking for more industrial looking engagement photos. Challenge accepted. I took them to The Gulch in Nashville, where almost everything fits that description. 

From shooting with Lauren and Brandon I learned a little bit about them. That's why I loved doing engagement shoots before the wedding.

1. They laugh A LOT. I love it! They really make each other smile, which I think is a good thing if you're planning to get married.
2. Brandon loves coffee, Lauren does not.
3. They are both very easily distracted. Haha!

We arrived in The Gulch at the same time, but I had to wait behind someone to pay for my parking for a while, so they stepped into this coffee shop called The Tin Cup. I met them there and decided it was a pretty cool place for photos so that's where we started our shoot. It's lucky I was held up paying for parking because I think Brandon discovered his new favorite coffee. I had to take his cup away for us to take some photos and he was not happy with me. After the session he walked back to the shop and bought more coffee...

Brandon has this super awesome tattoo and I just needed to show it to everyone...

I promise, this just started happening without prompting. So I let it happen and then encouraged it.

I love how much they make each other smile!