5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

One of the most important choices you'll make for your wedding day is who you have as your photographer. There are a thousand and one different photographers to choose, so how do you know who is right for YOU and YOUR special day? I've compiled five essential tips from my time as a wedding photographer and as a bride myself. 

1. Choose someone you like

I can't emphasize this enough! Many brides don't consider this, but you will spend more time with your wedding photographer than any other person on your wedding day. More time than your mom, more time than your MOH, more time than even your groom. Your wedding photographer will be by your side almost every moment of your big day. If you meet with a potential wedding photographer and think they are arrogant, or annoying, or you don't like their sense of humor, TRUST YOURSELF. Don't hire this person. On your wedding day you want to be surrounded by people who make you happy and make your day the absolute best it can be. You want a photographer who makes you feel content, calm, confident, and comfortable. Choose someone you will look forward to spending all day with. Someone who makes you happy. 

2. Choose someone who responds

It's frustrating when you want to get in touch with someone and they never seem to respond. It's even more frustrating when the person you want to get in touch with is responsible for your wedding photos, or has already taken the photos and you haven't heard from them. Unfortunately, I've had two friends in the past two years who had issues with uncommunicative photographers. One of these friends has STILL never seen her wedding photos (almost two years later). Understandably, not every business owner can respond within the first 24 hours, (though most GOOD ones do) but if you reach out to your photographer and regularly cannot get contact back that is a big RED FLAG. Great customer service is essential when you're talking about something as important and irreplaceable as wedding photos. If someone can't take the time to get back to you, you can find someone else who will be happy to work with you. 

3. Choose someone who fits your needs

You want full day coverage, but this photographer only offers 6 hours? No. You want a bridal session, but this photographer only offers engagement sessions? No. You want to be able to purchase an album, but this photographer doesn't offer that service? No. There are so many wonderful photographers out there in the industry. Find someone who is offering you EXACTLY what you want. 

4. Choose someone who fits your style

The best photographers have a clear style and vision. There are so many different artists with so many different perspectives on wedding photography. Find someone who has the right vibe for you. Don't book someone just because they are local or in your price range. If they don't produce the style of images that YOU want to treasure forever that's ok. But find someone who does.

5. Choose someone who has YOU in mind

Whew, this is a big one. As wedding photographers, it's our job to go to weddings all the time. Duh. I'm sorry, that was obvious. Because of this some photographers will fall into the trap of treating your wedding like a run of the mill day at work. It can be easy for people in this industry to begin to think of your super-special-once-in-a-lifetime-very-important wedding as just another task to accomplish. The cake was prettier at the last wedding I shot and will be better for my portfolio. Uh, if I see ONE MORE bride use navy blue for her bridesmaids dresses. I've already shot at this venue twice this year... BORING! Etc, etc. YOUR WEDDING IS NOT ABOUT THEM. You MUST choose a photographer whose number one priority is making YOUR big day the absolute best it can be. Your wedding is not a portfolio filler. Your wedding is not a future Facebook ad. Will your photographer use your wedding photos for their portfolio and future Facebook ads? Probably. But that cannot be the focus of a great wedding photographer. The focus should be you.

If you're still looking for your perfect wedding photographer I would love to work with you! Head to the contact page to get in touch!