Shelby & Mitchell - Fayetteville, Tennessee Wedding

Shelby and Mitchell have such an adorable love story. What I loved seeing on their wedding day, and what I hope you see in this blog, is how much they ADORE each other. Their story is one of those "we met a long time ago but nothing ever happened" stories. Those are my favorite because then when the couple finally gets together it's so special! Shelby and Mitchell are so in love and it was great being part of their wedding day with their friends and family. These two got married at an adorable country church back in January. I loved the wintery touches included throughout their day. 

I hope you love seeing their story. Be sure to let me know what you think!

Shelby wore this ring that belonged to her grandmother.

Shelby picked awesome bridesmaids because they all seemed to have exceptional hair and make up skills. She really had a team of people getting her ready for the big day.

The most exciting/terrifying/hilarious/annoying part of the day was DOGS. Right after Shelby and Mitchell shared their adorable first look I see a herd (yes, a herd) of muddy, hyper dogs barreling toward us. I saw them coming and thought, "If these dogs are anything like MY dog, they're about to jump on whoever they encounter. EVERYONE GUARD SHELBY!" Luckily, all of the groomsmen, my second shooter, and some family members were outside after the first look. I yelled at everyone to make sure the dogs didn't get to Shelby and it became absolute chaos. Some of that chaos is documented below. 

Shelby and Mitchell exchanged gifts. Mitchell's gift was a super sweet image of the sound waves his voice makes when he says, "Shelby, I'm crazy about you". It was adorable.

Mitchell collects cameras (he's a photographer too!) so Shelby got him one of those awesome pretend cameras we all played with as kids. When you click the "shutter" it rotates through images of them!